Of us

Our story began with the shared dream of two brothers and their grandfather - to create something lasting and beautiful. Today, we are proud to be able to offer you modern modular saunas that have been handcrafted in the beautiful forests of Otepää.

Our journey began with the need to find a sauna that was more than just a steam room. We wanted something that was spacious and bright, where every moment could be enjoyed. Since there was nothing on the market that met our high expectations, we decided to do it ourselves. That's how they were born in Geneva, where every detail is thought out.

The renowned architect and our good friend Indrek Taukar is behind the design of our saunas. His signature is felt in every line and angle, creating spaces that are both modern and cozy at the same time. Large windows bring nature closer, making every steam session special.

For us, sauna culture has always been more than just a pastime - it's a way to connect family and friends, relax and recover. Our goal is to keep this ancient tradition alive while bringing the sauna experience into a new era. Our modular saunas are designed for those who value quality and design and want to take their sauna experience to the next level.

Welcome to our world, where every detail is created with love and every sauna is a step forward towards a better future.